Once the long catch tentacles shoot out, there's no escaping


Getting more work done with less equipment. That’s a promising statement, isn’t it?
And you know what? At Toolsquid we keep our promises. Our software makes it a lot easier for enterprises to manage their tools and materials in a very effective manner.

Organizations need information about their equipment. That’s self-evident. But the assets might be spread around different jobsites, warehouses, tool cribs and even different parts of the world. So how to retrieve the needed information efficiently? White boards and paper-based systems are inefficient. And spreadsheet-based approaches are limited in scope. That’s exactly why we developed ToolSquid.

Efficient tool management
could save a fortune

About ten years ago a customer told entrepreneur Theo de Pee that his tool manager was facing harsh times. A lot of equipment and materials were missing. If workers needed a tool, it wasn’t there, and nobody knew who might have been working with it, nor where it was, or where it was supposed to be. The CEO realized that efficient tool management could save a fortune.


ToolSquid international

Theo de Pee responded immediately. In close cooperation with a couple of IT-specialists he started to work on a system that eventually lead to ToolSquid. We think of it as an intelligent innovative tool that gives companies the code of getting more done with less equipment. The squid’s imaginary, colossal tentacles make sure that no tool will be lost again, which is good news for the tool manager. For he will be in control!  

It took Theo and his friends more then ten years to get this point. Thanks to many, many feedback sessions we were constantly able to optimize the already advanced software. We are proud to announce that ToolSquid is being used by several internationally operating enterprises right now, working with tens of thousands of assets and materials.

The software’s functionalities
are almost infinite.

ToolSquid surely will ease the pain of a variety of enterprises, operating in different industries, like engineering companies or elevator manufacturers, steel plants or shipping. They will all get more work done with less equipment. And that’s a promise.

Call Theo and you will find out how.