Why Toolsquid
will make your mouth water


ToolSquid is an all but basic tool tracking system. Our smart software solution automates and integrates all warehouse, project and field operations throughout any enterprise. From warehouse to delivery, all the way to the jobsite and back again. ToolSquid is especially developed for those company’s who want to plan and manage their items and requirements in the most professional way.


You will be in control

Apply desired stocking levels for materials with user-defined specifications and user instructions such as video’s and photographs.


You will face less theft,
loss and tool costs

Trace missing tools and equipment the very moment you need them. Users can be called to account.


You will be freed from paperwork

Automated tool management requires less forms and loads of paperwork.


You will induce improved maintenance

Easily track repair costs. Complete service history for all your assets to improve their maintenance and to comply with regulations.


You will get streamline purchasing

Get notified when materials and consumables reach their reorder points.