Why should I invest in ToolSquid?

The choice is entirely up to you, of course. ToolSquid is a software tool that helps managers in companies set their house in order. You’re in complete control. All tools, material and equipment can be entered into the system and managed. You can see who has applied for specific items, where things can be found, whether stocks are depleted, whether inspection is in order, if maintenance is required and so on.

ToolSquid allows you to retain tight control of every aspect. That means fewer tools are lost, less investment is needed and amortization is lower. Depending on the size of the company and the number of items managed, savings could add up to millions of Euros.


How much does ToolSquid cost?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give one single answer. Not because we don’t want to, but it simply can’t be done. The options offered by the software are extremely varied. As a result, the costs differ. How will you set up the system? Do you need two fields per item or 20? Will you equip all the items you want to manage with QR codes? What data will you associate this QR code with? How many employees will use the solution?
Based on this input, an all-in price is tailor is calculated for you. Tool Squid consultant Theo de Pee will first identify your needs and conditions and then make an offer.


How secure is the software?

With ToolSquid, safety comes first. Your Tool Squid platform in the cloud is hosted by a leading certified data center in the Netherlands. Continuity and security are guaranteed. The software seamlessly communicates with your existing software and IT networks.


How do I install the software?

Because the platform and data storage are in the cloud, there is no need to install anything. ToolSquid is an online application. We manage the technical part and you lease the platform, as it were.


Will ToolSquid work on my smartphone?

ToolSquid works on all major recent mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.


Why does ToolSquid use QR-codes?

By equipping your tools and materials with a QR-code, you will be able to link additional data to any item. ISO certification, for example, requires your business to provide manuals and certifications online. To comply with this, we have added QR-codes to ToolSquid. Your employees can scan the code using their mobile phones and tablets, so they have the necessary information at their disposal online. This could be a manual, an instructional video, photos, certification or a maintenance report. In this way, the QR-code makes tool management even easier.


How do I enter all items into the system?

Although ToolSquid is a user-friendly software program, our consultants will help you start it up. Once you have decided which structure works best for you and what main categories, categories and subcategories you want to create, and how many fields you want to use for each item, we will set up the system for you. After this has been done, you can enter tools, order numbers and associated data yourself or together with your employees. That's a one-time job that can be quite time-consuming. The system will do what you want and it will work for you. If desired, we can support the data entry.


Isn’t Excel good enough for effective tool management?

When managing only a small number of tools, an Excel spreadsheet might be sufficient. But Excel lacks the clever dynamic solutions of ToolSquid, such as the dashboard, which offers you an overview of all the tools your company owns. ToolSquid offers your employees the opportunity to submit their application for equipment or tools online. That saves a great deal of hassle. Furthermore, the automatic notifications for repairs and certification are highly convenient and a link with the QR-code provides distinctive benefits. By registering your tools in ToolSquid you will find your processes run more smoothly, and 25 to 50% fewer tools disappear without a trace.


Can ToolSquid also provide certification of my tools and equipment?

Basically, no. ToolSquid is a software utility program that allows managers to take full control. So you are free in your choice. ToolSquid, however, is also part of ToolMan. This company not only takes care of your online management tools, but can look after physical aspects, such as inspections and repairs, too. If you wish, ToolMan can take care of annual certification of your equipment.


Any questions?

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