The code of getting more work done with less equipment


Tool management in the most efficient manner

At ToolSquid code is our core. Effectiveness is in the heart of what we do. We really want to make entrepreneurial businesses excell in their operation. Our smart tool management software solutions help you plan the use of all items, instruments and materials in the most efficient manner. Once registered, your equipment will be easy to locate, which means prompt maintenance, less write-offs and low cost investment in replacement tools. Make the code work for you. Prepare for ToolSquid. 


How to make ToolSquid work for your business?


Register a broad variety of assets that you want to control.

Monitor tool applications and issued items around the world.


Plan timely maintenance, certification and replacement.


Add QR-codes for instant use of manuals, video and certificates.


How to get started

Organizing the genuine ToolSquid system requires a custom approach. Our software provides a broad framework of opportunities and integrates seamlessly with other software systems. We will learn you how to manage your company's tools and equipment. We advise about entering, assigning, searching for and transferring tools and materials. How to control the status of assets. How to generate reports.

ToolSquid guarantees full product support as part of your subscription.


Curious about our code of getting more done with less equipment?

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